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Stannah Saxon Stair Lift

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Stannah Saxon Stair Lift Stannah Saxon Stair Lift
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Stannah Saxon Stair Lift

The elegant and comfortable Stannah Saxon is one of our most popular stairlifts for climbing straight stairs. Traditional seat styling combined with a modern slimline carriage gives the Saxon enduring and timeless appeal. Designed to take up the minimum of space, it’s beautifully understated.

The Saxon’s compact carriage and rail, along with its folding arms, seat and footrest, make it especially suitable for narrow stairs. It also means that when folded away, it leaves plenty of room for other stair users. The Saxon comes in a range of attractive colours of modern vinyl to blend in with your décor.

Saxon / 420 features

  • Comfortable, classically designed chair
  • Available in a range of easy-care, super-soft vinyls
  • Joystick or optional push-button controls
  • Arm-to-footrest link for easy folding
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Optional powered seat swivel available

Saxon / 420 in use

  • When you are not using your stairlift it can be folded flat against the wall, so it’s well out of the way of other stair users. An immobilising keyswitch (optional) is useful if you want to keep your stairlift safe from children.
  • To unfold your stairlift, lightly press down the arm and seat; the footrest unfolds automatically so you don’t have to bend down. The Saxon shown here features Clova upholstery and Bronze rail.
  • A gentle movement of the joystick control is all it takes to make your stairlift glide up or down stairs. And because the stairlift battery continually recharges, the Saxon’s always ready for use, even in a power cut.
  • At the top of the stairs, lightly depress the lever at the side of the chair to make your stairlift swivel round to face the landing. You can then get off easily and safely with your stairlift effectively blocking the stairwell. (Power assisted swivel available.)
  • A remote control (optional) enables you to call your stairlift to you, at the top or bottom of the stairs. When you’re not using your stairlift, you can leave it unfolded at the top of the stairs as an effective safety barrier.
  • To fold your stairlift away, simply tilt up the seat and armrest. Our arm-to-footrest link means you don’t have to bend down to fold up the footrest – an important safety consideration when you’re at the top of the stairs.

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